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Self Acceptance

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It’s healthy for us to accept ourselves as we are. This is true of a person no matter what their sexuality or identity: gay, straight, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, transgender, transsexual, queer or whatever you feel you are.

Self Acceptance V Denial and Hiding

Self acceptance may be a challenge for many people in many varying parts of their life. For example the person who relies on alcohol to such an extent that they can’t face a day without it may be in denial about being an alcoholic. They have not accepted this part of themselves and until they do, they will never seek to change that part them. Whilst some aspects such as sexual identity are not changeable, what is changeable is how we view ourselves and our identity.

Many gay, lesbian and bisexual people go through a period of denial and not wanting to admit to themselves that they are attracted to the same sex. No matter how hard they try it doesn’t change anything. Denial unfortunately does not change anything and can make matters worse. Unhappiness, shame, guilt, depression, self-harming, self-loathing and even suicide can be the result of prolonged denial.

Happiness and Self Acceptance

The path to happiness is self-acceptance. Now of course this can be easy to say and not so easy to accomplish for everyone. there will always be examples of the ideal scenario. The time a friend came out to friends and family and got a wonderful response. Life is not always like this. In the past coming out may have led to rejection by those you love and abuse and bullying. In fact for a while self-acceptance and coming out can seem like the worst decision for anyone that gets a negative reaction.

Yet only through being your true self can you experience the relief of no longing having to hide an important part of you from others. For the first time you don’t have to think twice or be guarded about how you act or what you say about your relationships. Through being your true self you can feel more confident about handling those around you who may try and criticise you or call you names or use other forms of abuse.

Coming Out to Yourself

More than anything else, happiness begins by coming out to yourself. By accepting yourself as gay, lesbian or bisexual you are taking the first steps towards that life of contentment and happiness. As you know life is never a smooth journey, and that’s part of the reality of life but feeling like you can be the authentic you that you always wanted to be can give you the courage to manage whatever comes your way and to enjoy the pleasant surprises too.

Experienced Help and Support

If you need any help with acceptance, coming out or stress and anxiety around this area, I would delighted to help you. Having been through this myself, I have experience of what you are going through.