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In Gay Issues on November 6, 2012 at 9:58 am

Gay Therapist Derby Debyshire

I am a gay hypnotherapist near Derby and Nottingham offering gay therapy in the form of Hypnotherapy, EMSRP, NLP and EFT to anyone who wants to change their life. Whoever we are, and whatever our gender or sexuality, we can all sometimes go through troubling and challenging times. The most popular issues I help anyone with are stress, low confidence, low self esteem, fears, anxieties and phobias, relationships, shame, depression, sexuality and many more life issues.

Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgender (LGBTQ+) it can help your confidence in seeking gay therapy to meet and discuss what you want to change with a gay therapist.

For most people, seeking the help of a stranger can be daunting enough. If you then feel you have to hide or be discerning about your life and the relationships you enjoy because you think the therapist will judge you, it can impede what you want to achieve in therapy.

Gay Therapist DerbySteven Harold is a gay man and has helped many gay men, lesbian women, bisexual men and women at his London therapy practice. He has now relocated to Derbyshire and is convenient for Derby and Nottingham. As an experienced and professional therapist you can be assured of privacy and confidentiality in any session with Steven.

Gay Therapy

No matter what our sexuality is, we can all suffer from life situtaions that test our resolve and make us question whether we can change. If you have struggled with low confidence, anxiety, stress, anger and frustration therapy can help you with these. For some gay men or lesbian women a sense of shame or low self esteem can hamper a successful career and get in the way of enjoying a relationship. Bullying may have been a factor in the past that still affects you today or you may fear being abused at home, work or elsewhere.

Free Gay Hypnosis ConsultationFree Initial Consultation in Heanor Derbyshire

Whatever you current need, you can take advantage of the no-obligation free initial consultation to discuss your goals for therapy and meet Steven to find out more about the therapy he provides. You can phone him for an informal chat in confidence on 01773 436796 or email him at info@hypnosisderbyshire.com


Gay Therapy Skype Sessions

If you are unable to make it to the Derbyshire practice there is a possibility of you having supportive and affirmative Gay therapy with Steven over Skype. Use the email address to contact him above.



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